Home Hunter has closed and is no longer available

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More information and FAQs about the closure

Why have you closed Home Hunter?

We’re proud to have launched a toolkit in 2013 for our customers that was unique and exciting. It provided transparency on property valuation data that at the time was not readily available for first home buyers. We focused a lot on giving you the tools to find the right property for you. But a number of other services are now available to support you in this journey e.g. homes.co.nz. So we’ve closed Home Hunter while we shift our focus as a bank to improving the borrowing experience for customers.

When did Home Hunter close?

The Home Hunter service was available for existing users up until 31 August 2016. We stopped any new registrations prior to this date.

Can I still log into Home Hunter after you 'close' if I am an existing user?

Unfortunately not. You are no longer be able to log in to search for property, use the calculators or apply for a conditional approval. However, you can still apply for conditional approval through the Kiwibank website, and check out the range of useful calculators there too.

Does the Home Hunter app still work? What about the sunfinder?

The Home Hunter app has much the same functionality as the Home Hunter website, and both services closed on 31 August 2016. The Sunfinder was a popular feature of the app. We even thought about keeping it as a standalone app! But a few other clever clogs have since launched similar apps, so try searching the App Store or Google Play for sun finder and we’re confident you’ll still have your day in the sun.

Why can’t I register for Home Hunter or find/download the app?

As the Home Hunter service has closed we have removed the ability for people to register for the service or download the app.

I’m trying to open the Home Hunter app on my phone but it doesn’t seem to be working…?

The Home Hunter service closed from 31 August 2016. We’ve emailed regular users of Home Hunter (who logged in within the last three months) to let them know – you may have missed this, or perhaps you haven’t used it for a while. When we closed the service online, this included all the app functionality too. You can now delete it from your phone to free up some space.

Why didn’t I know Home Hunter was closing?

We emailed regular users of Home Hunter (who logged in within the last three months) if we had their email address loaded on their profile to advise them we were closing the service. If you used Home Hunter without any formal registration, changed your email address since you registered, or haven’t used Home Hunter since 10 May 2016, we may not have been able to communicate these changes to you.

What help can I get now that Home Hunter is closed?

It’s really important to us that we don’t leave you high and dry, so here are some options for help depending on how far through the home buying journey you are:

  • You have other options to get free access to valuation and property data, such as www.homes.co.nz
  • You can play with a range of home loan calculators on our website
  • If you already have a conditional approval, this will not be impacted by the closure of Home Hunter. However if you have questions about your next steps or are interested in making an offer on a home, we’re happy to hook you up with someone in your area or a specialist over the phone to get things moving. Find an expert near you.
  • And don’t forget our great first home buyer guide – everything from checking out the pro’s and con’s of buying, to finding a house, making an offer and sorting out your home loan.

What happens to my existing conditional approval?

If you have already hold a conditional approval with Kiwibank, this will not be affected by the closure of Home Hunter.

What have you done with my personal information – like my application details and login credentials?

Information you supplied to us in a conditional approval application will be dealt with in accordance with the Kiwibank Privacy Policy. Your name and email address used to log in will be stored for up to three months so we can make contact with you if required, and then destroyed.

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