Everything you need to find a home.

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Find a house, get the estimated sale price, and apply for pre-approval — all from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

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We’re Peter and Anand from Kiwibank — part of the team behind Home Hunter. We love it, but we want to hear what you think. Give it a whirl, and pop over to the Home Hunter Facebook page to give us your feedback and suggestions. You might even pick up some helpful tips from your fellow home hunters.

Get pre-approved for a home loan and see the good stuff.

homehunter app showing a preapproved property

It takes about ten minutes to apply for home loan pre-approval. Once you’re pre-approved, home hunt armed with extra info:

  • View Kiwibank’s estimated price, along with the R.V. and the seller’s asking price.
  • See which houses get our green tick. This means at first glance it looks good for us to lend against and match your pre-approval (we’ll do the final checks as part of the full home loan process). 

Take Home Hunter with you.

The Home Hunter apps for iPhone and Android have some nifty tools to take along to open homes.

iphone and android homehunter apps

How much sun does this place get? Sun Finder will show you how much sun a house gets at different times of year. Just point your phone camera at the sky.

What homes are for sale around here? Around Me displays homes for sale that are close to where you’re standing.

What can you really afford to spend on a house?

Found a place? Kick off the home loan process at the touch of a button.

You’ve found the perfect place, it looks like you can afford it, and you’re pre-approved for a home loan — most of the work is done.

Just tap I want to buy this place! and we’ll get in touch to discuss the next steps towards getting your loan fully approved.


Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions, interest rates, fees and charges apply to all loans.

A Kiwibank home loan pre-approval is a conditional offer, based on the information you’ve given us, of the amount you could borrow if you meet our conditions. It is a conditional offer of finance. You’ll still need to complete the full home loan approval process. Until your loan is fully approved, any offer you make to buy a property should be conditional on finance.

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